Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Banana's!

Anorexic, Extremely Tan, and a little obnoxious, but nonetheless flawless style. Speak your peace about Rachel Zoe, but she is doing better than most of the people who badmouth her crazy antics. I personally love her style and find her ridiculously hysterical, but you got to be a little insane in the fashion business. I know I am. We’re both Jewish fashionistas hardcore, so of course we’d be close friends.

You can’t deny the stunning jewelry owned by Rachel Zoe. Lucky you, it’s going on sale at DecadesTwo in Los Angeles. It was an invite only event that took place last night. The items that aren’t sold will be auctioned off on and on the store’s eBay page. The money will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance. See, Jews aren’t stingy: Bravo Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig (yes, that’s her full name).

Rachel Zoe: You’re bananas and I’m going to steal your Cartier Jaguar ring that I’m positive isn’t for sale. I stand by you Rachel Zoe and your choices in fashion but be careful because I cannot only write about fashion, I can style too. I have a lot up my sleeve.

The Jayme Cyk Project is underway and the critics give it 5 Stars.
Fashion takes over my body and won’t let me escape.
-It’s Bananas!

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