Friday, May 29, 2009

Fashionable People Deserve Fast Metabolisms

You're absolutely right Karl

A salad would have been a better choice


Thursday, May 28, 2009

She Gives the People What They Want

I am lucky to have met a plethora of artistic people since I attend Parsons.  It’s a cutthroat, wicked hard, and exhausting creativity requiring drive and passion for your chosen career.  A peer and favorite of mine to trend spot (Parsons brings a casual everyday runway), Meghan Kelley, recently embellished this jacket for Suvi Koponen.

It’s stunning and I am proud to say I go to school with such talent.  I would buy this in a minute and obviously most agree seeing that this is featured in the incredible I.D. Magazine.  It’s a dream for any aspiring designer and I think this is more than aspiration-It’s the real deal.

~I’m full on you’re newest fan Meghan Kelley and will be checking my mailbox for samples you want to send my way.


Bringing Fashionista's and Celeb Crazed Whores to Reality

Bruno Official Trailer (R-rated!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am the Cute One, She's just my Sister

I consider myself lucky to be born in such a creative family.  My mom once a fashion model put together gorgeous displays in Neiman Marcus windows during the 80s.  My great-grandfather a talented painter and fantastic tailor made beautiful creations all his own. I have come to find my artistic creations lie in design and construction, and I’ll stick writing into that category, because you’ve got to say I’ve got my shit down.  The last family member who truly inspires me in everyway is my sister.  I can brag and brag about her self-portraits that give a sense of photography, but I’ll give you a taste instead. 

My sister put together this masterpiece.  It is her self-portrait. She will continue her artistic journey at the University of Texas starting this fall.

 The outfit I am wearing is designed and constructed by me. A Black silk taffeta 1 shoulder dress, and Roberto Cavalli silk tulle fabric I made into my own personal tutu.

 Wish you could own this outfit or your own self-portrait? 

~Give us some praise and we’ll give you a price.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Doesn't Matter if You're Black or White

My favorite part of memorial weekend is not the barbecues, or laying out by the lake, but a color that is acceptable to reappear in my wardrobe-White.  Some disagree in this rule I abide by, but a white dress in winter screams tacky. I’ve never been a fan of white jeans, but those partial to the white pant, now is your time. 

I absolutely love my white Daryl K dress and couldn’t wait to dress it up with a little grunge.  My Emma Cook boots gave this light breezy ensemble some definite attitude. 

Welcome to the eclectic world of Cykic Fashion.

~Hopefully, it’s Gimme Gimme More with no Britney Spears involved.



Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Mom Always Told Me Not to Play with Plastic

My head is exploding with ideas and I am using my creativity to its core to bring you some well-deserved entertainment.  I’ve deprived you readers of a very important aspect of a blogger: experiencing their personal style.  I am a Parsons student and I am sorry to say it demands my attention 500x more than my blog.  I am career driven so it’s best I keep the ball rolling on a much well deserved diploma. I have some things up my sleeve and this week I decided to play dress up.  From my clothes, to clothes I’ve made, to past costumes from my years as a rebellious ballet dancer, I’ll show you the everyday runway of Cykic Fashion.

You’ll wish you were a little Cyko


 Poleci Plastic Dress, Emma Cook for Topshop boots, Jennifer Ouellette clip

Friday, May 22, 2009

Billy Idol- Get a Load of this Wedding

I quickly snatch the newest issue of Vogue off the stands, skim the pages for the articles I will definitely read and take a quick look at the pictures.  A little bit later I re-open my Vogue and read the pages I felt were worthy of my time and rip out the pages of fashion spreads I lust after.  On my first skim of June 2009 I came to Sasha Pivovarova and her husband Igor Vishnyakov saying a second “I do” in “The Wedding Party” photographed by Arthur Elgort. There was no need to do a second read because the pictures were simply stunning.  With her actual sister and few wedding guests including Jessica Stam, Hana Soukupova, and Irina Kulikova you wish you could’ve been invited to the Russian party of the season.  The Joyous occasion and perfect ensembles gave me a flowery feeling and taste of pure wedding fashion bliss.  

~It's a Nice Day for a Sasha Pivovarova Wedding...Now say it 10 Times Fast.


Cykic Step Up-(Not a Sequel to the Movie)

As I wave goodbye to the city of fashion, I embark on a new journey to Dallas, TX. My unfortunate hometown, which I really shouldn’t say since we are booming metropolitans.  Living in NYC you really can’t compare, but I will be able to enjoy my new Camilla and Marc bikini for a little 1 on 1 with the pool and Chelsea Lately reading to bring me back to reality.  Fashion will be from all spectrums and posts will be a daily occurrence. 

Get ready for a Cykic fashion extravaganza because as you know I will be the next Anna Wintour.  Like it or not I’m steping up my game to give myself a little promotion. Open those pages Teen Vogue-You’ve got a new blogger to interview. 

-I’m ready for my close-up


Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Most Fashionable 17-Year-Old I Don't Know

I came across a blog that gives me a feeling of jealousy every time I see a new post of gorgeous goods I’d like to get my hands on.  Sea of Shoes, written and designed by a seventeen-year-old Dallas girl, distracts me from my strenuous Parson’s curriculum and give me courage to shop vintage, a skill I am slowly acquiring.  (My mom thought vintage means dirty, therefore banning it in the household) but mother dear, you are oh so wrong, and Sea of Shoes may just change your mind.

Check out her out, She’s the “it” blogger.

~Along with me of course.


Monday, May 18, 2009

Hot CoCo

Coco Rocha playing in Jean Paul Gaultier

Oh So CoCo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

L.A. brings their Goods to the City

No Big, just received a private appointment to view Decades Two before it opens to the public for two short days.  If you’re not familiar with Decades Two, it is based in L.A. and sells vintage clothing and accessories by high fashion designers.  The Olsen’s and Nicole Richie are just a few fashionable celebs that shop this stunning collection of vintage goodies.

So I promise to always give my opinions straight in the name of fashion, so it here is.  GO to Decades Two.  Beautiful isn’t a good enough word to describe the gorgeous gifts L.A. has brought to New York. 

Lucky me, I snagged this stunning vintage Chanel, It’s okay to be jealous. 

This is only one of the treasures I found. Natalie Portman’s blue Rodarte dress was being sold for an amazing $760.  INSANE.  Someone buy that PLEASE, it’s too beautiful to be displayed on a mannequin.  So visit Decades Two this weekend, you won’t be disappointed.

-How could you be when you’re getting the 411 from me?


Decades Two is being sold in Kiki de Montparnasse at 79 Greene St.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Have a Fashionable Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to a very stylish mother.  Mine.  Obviously. 


We're next on the

Happy Mother's Day to all Fashionable Mom's.

Love You Mommy.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sucks to Be Lindsay Lohan

Pale is the new tan.
Go Translucency.

Either Way You Stand Out

As we get closer to Space Age silhouettes, we transition into Metallics. Look at Me, don't stare at that other person, I love my outfit, metallics. An investment will be made because who doesn't want all eyes on them? Bright like the Sun, Shine like the Moon-either way you Stand out.
If you're in fashion you better be eccentric.
Eccentric Cykic-Sounds good.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gimme Gimme More

Roland Mouret

I Love Erin Wasson in Phi-I wear my
hair like that everyday and she totally pulled it off for the gala

Proenza Schouler-A Little Homage to my Parson Peers


Atelier Versace

Rag Bone-Better than Rihanna, but Diane Keaton is still not a trend

Chanel Haute Couture


Alexander Wang


Everyone is still craving that edge.
If You've got it, Flaunt it.
-I will.

Hate the Girl, Not the Dress

It’s the biggest Fashion Event of the year and the majority of outfits make you hate the one wearing the stunning silhouette. No this is not the Oscars; it's the Met’s Costume Institute. So many likes and dislikes, so much love and hate, you’d never know we were in a recession-just the way I like it.

Kate Bosworth makes great fashion choices and I love this Stella McCartney

I don't care if you hate it, Leighton Meester looks amazing

I almost didn’t recognize Agyness Deyn without her high-end grunge gear. She looked stunning in a Burberry metallic

Mary-Kate Olsen wore Christian Lacroix couture- this is almost as good as my Alexander McQueen dress and this is why MK inspires me

Ashley Olsen-Thank you for the surprise, it’s all about the back.

Big Names, Big Mistakes.

Ew Madonna, you’re like 50, dress your age. Sorry, but we don’t want a rework of Material girl

Anne Hatheway tried to hard and failed...better luck next time, Go back to your roots with some Devil Wears Prada

Rihanna- are you the next Diane Keaton? Please say No

The Costume Institute is a time to shine and my spotlight is about to come. It’s all about the couture and oh so much more.

I’m high on fashion and it’s never going away. Call me cykotic
But I’ll stick with Cykic

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cykic As Muse

Alexander McQueen- I need to borrow/ have to have a dress from your Indian inspired Fall 2008 collection for the Met’s Costume Institute for the Models as Muse exhibit, which takes place May 4, so a speedy delivery is necessary. $7500 a table with stunning fashion everywhere I turn-Totally worth it.

Life is so hard.

-Stay tuned, we’re in for a wild ride or a recession blunder.


I've been drooling over this dress since day -

Thank You Alexander.

Marc Jacobs serves as Honorary Chair of the Gala. 

Co-Chairs are Kate Moss; Justin Timberlake; and Anna Wintour

Click here for the Models as Muse Press Release

Models as Muse