Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am the Cute One, She's just my Sister

I consider myself lucky to be born in such a creative family.  My mom once a fashion model put together gorgeous displays in Neiman Marcus windows during the 80s.  My great-grandfather a talented painter and fantastic tailor made beautiful creations all his own. I have come to find my artistic creations lie in design and construction, and I’ll stick writing into that category, because you’ve got to say I’ve got my shit down.  The last family member who truly inspires me in everyway is my sister.  I can brag and brag about her self-portraits that give a sense of photography, but I’ll give you a taste instead. 

My sister put together this masterpiece.  It is her self-portrait. She will continue her artistic journey at the University of Texas starting this fall.

 The outfit I am wearing is designed and constructed by me. A Black silk taffeta 1 shoulder dress, and Roberto Cavalli silk tulle fabric I made into my own personal tutu.

 Wish you could own this outfit or your own self-portrait? 

~Give us some praise and we’ll give you a price.


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