Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Mom Always Told Me Not to Play with Plastic

My head is exploding with ideas and I am using my creativity to its core to bring you some well-deserved entertainment.  I’ve deprived you readers of a very important aspect of a blogger: experiencing their personal style.  I am a Parsons student and I am sorry to say it demands my attention 500x more than my blog.  I am career driven so it’s best I keep the ball rolling on a much well deserved diploma. I have some things up my sleeve and this week I decided to play dress up.  From my clothes, to clothes I’ve made, to past costumes from my years as a rebellious ballet dancer, I’ll show you the everyday runway of Cykic Fashion.

You’ll wish you were a little Cyko


 Poleci Plastic Dress, Emma Cook for Topshop boots, Jennifer Ouellette clip

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