Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hate the Girl, Not the Dress

It’s the biggest Fashion Event of the year and the majority of outfits make you hate the one wearing the stunning silhouette. No this is not the Oscars; it's the Met’s Costume Institute. So many likes and dislikes, so much love and hate, you’d never know we were in a recession-just the way I like it.

Kate Bosworth makes great fashion choices and I love this Stella McCartney

I don't care if you hate it, Leighton Meester looks amazing

I almost didn’t recognize Agyness Deyn without her high-end grunge gear. She looked stunning in a Burberry metallic

Mary-Kate Olsen wore Christian Lacroix couture- this is almost as good as my Alexander McQueen dress and this is why MK inspires me

Ashley Olsen-Thank you for the surprise, it’s all about the back.

Big Names, Big Mistakes.

Ew Madonna, you’re like 50, dress your age. Sorry, but we don’t want a rework of Material girl

Anne Hatheway tried to hard and failed...better luck next time, Go back to your roots with some Devil Wears Prada

Rihanna- are you the next Diane Keaton? Please say No

The Costume Institute is a time to shine and my spotlight is about to come. It’s all about the couture and oh so much more.

I’m high on fashion and it’s never going away. Call me cykotic
But I’ll stick with Cykic

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