Thursday, May 28, 2009

She Gives the People What They Want

I am lucky to have met a plethora of artistic people since I attend Parsons.  It’s a cutthroat, wicked hard, and exhausting creativity requiring drive and passion for your chosen career.  A peer and favorite of mine to trend spot (Parsons brings a casual everyday runway), Meghan Kelley, recently embellished this jacket for Suvi Koponen.

It’s stunning and I am proud to say I go to school with such talent.  I would buy this in a minute and obviously most agree seeing that this is featured in the incredible I.D. Magazine.  It’s a dream for any aspiring designer and I think this is more than aspiration-It’s the real deal.

~I’m full on you’re newest fan Meghan Kelley and will be checking my mailbox for samples you want to send my way.


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