Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Know Your Secret

Now that Topshop is open in New York, I feel that we deserve a sneak peak at their newest collections.   I have a habit of touching clothes and stroking my hands across a garment I have fallen for. London gets a look...thank you Susie Bubble, but I want a personal preview in person. From the look of it, I will be purchasing a variety of outfits for the fall.  Let's just hope New York isn't behind about three seasons, since I know we are as of now.  Thanks a lot Sir Phillip Green, did you really think we wouldn't find out?  Susie Bubble did a fantastic job of photographing the new collection.  I must apologize for jacking her pictures, but readers need a little visual for my praise.  
~I'm seasons ahead, so let's see if Manhattan's Topshop can top that.

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