Monday, June 8, 2009

Hiking in Heels

Summer is practically in full effect and I’m cyko busy. While been on hiatus I have been putting my valuable leadership skills to the test.  Go ahead; guess the adventure that will be my summer.  It’s definitely on a different spectrum than what you’re thinking, but nonetheless amazing in itself.  I’ll be at my second home, Camp Sabra, a Jewish summer camp I like to think of as a mini soap opera.  I’ll be living up my best-dressed reputation since I was a camper.  I may bring clothes that shouldn’t be worn in the blistering sun, surrounded by people who don’t appreciate what I’m wearing, but I don’t care since everyday is my runway.  I’m well rounded and eclectic, roughing it fashionably and loving every minute of it.

Give me another blogger/fashionista who’s giving you feedback from the wilderness.

~You’re staring unique in the face.


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