Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Asian Invasion

Now that fashion week (s) are over, every other country is showing off their Talent. I decided to check out the big leagues in JAPAN and came to the conclusion that they should be included in the “big leagues” of Official fashion week. I compared 3 of my favorite collections to Parsian designers and of course conjured up some new opinions.

First off, 85% of Japan has some sort of Comme de Garcons element. My question is why they aren’t they showing in Paris?

Second, I can tell they take inspirations from other designers. The Fur Fur Collection had some Sonia Rykiel combined with Harajuku culture. Adorable.

Third, Japan Loves distressed fabrics layered on top of the other. Thank god for Asian construction otherwise we may have some homeless looking models on the runway.

Junya Tashiro

Fur Fur

The Dress & Co Hideaki Sakaguchi

To conclude, Japan deserves more coverage, because we’re missing out on some exciting flair. There are some contenders who stump American designers.

I won’t name names.

~I’ll save that for another day, another post.


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