Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ole Karl had a Farm, E I E I O...


Always a classic and never a fad, Chanel will never lose face and continue a legacy that will live on for years to come. I will be honest to say that I was not fazed by last seasons collection, but Spring 2010 was a breathe of fresh air with a balance of Coco and Karl. Taken place in the center of the Grand Palais, the models of the season emerged from a large barn. The collection was filled with immense texture and to die for lace loveliness. I wish I said this myself because it is dead on. Sarah Mower from Style.com speaks the truth, In a season when celebrities, concepts, and a lot of forgettable mediocrity have got in the way of seeing why luxury fashion should merit the price, this was a Chanel triumph.”


Pure Utter Perfection.

~And on his farm he had some models E I E I O


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