Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I think you're going to like me

Cykic Fashion is about the opinions that shape our past, present, and future of fashion.
Everyone has their "niche" and I'll give you one guess to what mine is. I have been influenced by so many people and  I want to become an influential person to all of you who read my blog. So, post your opinion to what I have to say, we all have the right to free speech, but that still doesn't mean I'm wrong. :)
~Editor-in-chief here I come!

Cliche I know, but a huge influence in my life is my mother. Who wouldn't want to be her. She's stunning

Say what you want to say about Anna Wintour, but she decides what goes into Vogue that makes her fabulous
Beautiful, Stylish, and Muse to many photographers and designers, supermodel Kate Moss has it all
From Full House to Rehab, The Olsens have always inspired my outlook on fashion

With the recent buzz about MK & A's Influence, Who influences you?

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