Tuesday, February 17, 2009

There's Nothing Like It...Fashion Week F/W 2009

Fashion week is underway and my opinions are flying in every direction. The tents are alive with the sound of music, exotic models, stylish celebrities, talented editors, and gorgeous clothing. We all want a taste of this beauty that most people will never get a bite of.

Yigal Azrouel was the first show I attended. With boyfriend in arm and camera in hand I was ready to get rollin’ on my favorite celebration of the year. The celebration of innovative style. Yigal's cohesive collection paid tribute to the celebration showing very wearable garments from edgy to sophisticated. This floral chiffon showed a softer side of Azrouel by styling her with simple straight locks. This black and red lace piece gave us a more rock n’ roll vibe while still in an elegant manner. Yigal’s collection is for the woman who dresses for herself. She’s stared at as she walks the streets of New York and Milan, but doesn’t even know it.

Yigal Azrouel takes a bow

Oh the Ronson’s-Samantha, Charlotte, and Mark. It was a family affair with younger sister Annabelle on the runway and mother Anne Dexter-Jones in the audience. Lindsay Lohan was front row with the fam sitting diagonally from me (I was in the front row too). It was Charlotte in the spotlight today as her fall collection strutted down the runway. She went along with a common theme of edginess and rock n’ roll, but with a very girly attitude.  Navy’s, dark purples, blacks, and splashes of coral and green made the colors of Charlotte’s collection. It’s unfortunate, but Charlotte’s collection didn’t scream innovation. I felt as If I had seen some of it before. With touches of plaid, florals and leather it’s great for that young girl ready to take over the town. Congrats Char on your new collection, but let’s fire it up on the creativity. 

Charlotte Ronson
As fashion week continues, so will my posts, so check for coverage because I’m actually attending shows and not going to Style.com for everything
~It’s okay to be jealous.

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