Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Little Spice of Bamboo

Love was in the air on February 14th. My two loves were with me, my boyfriend and fashion-doesn't get much better than that.

I attended the United Bamboo Show on V-Day and was full of excitement to see the designers who made my fabulous prom dress (circa. 2006)-which I still wear to this day.  I spotted my favorite blogger, Susie Bubble, looking fabulous in neon yellow pants, a grey patent leather jacket and marni pumps, but let me move on to who I was there to see.  United Bamboo gave us a blast from the past and a trip into the future.  Combining high heeled oxfords with knee socks, we got a feeling of a 40's school girl.  With tweed jumpers, volumized lace blouses, and sequined dresses, we got a new versus old effect.  The collection was a combination of girly girl meets newsboy.  I adored the array of fabrics and how they were all used together. United Bamboo created a new Upper East Side socialite. So move over Blair Waldorf, you're not the only prim and proper driven New York girl.  

A well deserved Bow

Innovative? Yes
Fabulously preppy meets stylish? Yes
You wish you were there? Yes...
but you weren't.
~Count on me.

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