Saturday, March 7, 2009

Don't Do it Again

Vivienne Westwood: you’re eccentric, fabulous, and you never disappointment, but come on, Pamela Anderson? Pamela Anderson is no way a fashion icon, and look at her; she’s definitely not at her best. As I clicked through the stunning runway show filled with raw cut fabrics with prints and colors that light up the room, I came to Pam and the clothes turned me off, looking cheap and trashy (I’m sorry Vivienne Westwood, I love you, but it’s true.) I know, I know, Viv is known for doing anything and everything on the runway, but Pamela Anderson, I’m going to have to say BAD CHOICE to the queen of punk and to stray away from the plastic, boob busting, non-fashion icon women of our crazed celebrity world.

Pamela Anderson-Stay with what you do best.
Not this.

Talented doesn't even sum up Vivienne Westwood-You're so much more.

~Take a chance on me Viv, I’ll walk that runway like it’s nobody’s business

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