Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moda Italiana Di Bellismo

Italian Fashion-Innovation at its best. America better step it up. We’re known for being the inventors of sportswear, but Italy makes us look like amateurs. Big designers, big editors, big shoulder pads, big egos (well deserved I must add), it’s all about Milan fall ready-to-wear 2009 Fashion Week. Volume is key and an accent is a nice touch. Let me give you the 411. I’m dishin’ on the good stuff, and it just keeps on comin’.

D&G went vixen, “The Duchess” style channeling a Victorianesque look. Sculptural shapes played part and showed us the future of fashion in an 1800’s sense. Domenico and Stefano-bravo, I’m obsessed.

Dsquared took a different route on the runway and gave us a production. Models holding Starbucks lattes, smoking cigarettes and hiding behind their oversized sunglasses, made fun of our paparazzi crazed photos we all love so much. Dsquared is so inventive and they always give us excitement, which they gave us in this show. The clothes were very relaxed and casual. I’ve seen better from the lovely Dean and Dan Caten, but I think this is one of the first shows I can say was extremely wearable by a ton of women. Dsquared definitely stepped out of their box.

With an almost completely black color palette, Fendi made me wish I were Italian. With an elegant shoulder pad and furrier to the max, I’m doing my best to channel Fendi’s fabulous look.

Francesco Scognamiglio gave us a reason to celebrate partially unwearable yet stunning fashion. I’d wear it, but some people aren’t as stylish as me. His collection screamed geometric shapes and I was screaming for more.

Unfortunately, Italy isn’t in my travel plans for this year, but I’m crediting for its beautiful pictures and hoping they’ll read this nodding their heads in agreement.

While I’m in NYC getting my Italian and French fashion from boutiques and department stores, Milan better be keeping up with their part.

Italy get ready, because soon I’ll make my debut.

Stay Tuned for my favorite Paris Fashions on the runway.

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