Sunday, September 20, 2009

Smashin' Fashion

So here’s the lowdown. I’ve looked at every single collection from New York Fashion Week and I’ve established some categories and with my own ratings for your enjoyment. Maybe you agree, I could care less if you don’t, but I’d love to hear what you have to say!

Diane Von Furstenberg has never really been my style, but her shows are always styled to the T and I personally loved the fun colors and prints she used in her collection.

Derek Lam totally changed my view on him with his adorable shorts. The make-up in the show was stunning and gave the clothes a fresh and fun look. The shoes were fabulous and the star patterns were a total hit.

I usually like Phillip Lim’s collection a lot more, but he did do a beautiful job with these Rodartesque dresses. Even though it was very reminiscent of a Rodarte design, he kept away from their gothic outlook to give it a little more girl power.

So what’s your take? What’s fun about fashion is that everyone has a different sense of style and no one can tell you what’s cool. Unless of course you are a follower.

Got to love opinionated people!


P.S. Happy New Year to my fellow Jews.

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