Sunday, November 1, 2009

There Are Perks to Being Plastic

Now I don’t know about you, but Barbie was my best friend and idol growing up. It’s too bad I admired a stick thin plastic doll, but hey Mattel said they would make a more curvaceous Barbie. So much for curvy, more like busty so all young girls think big boobies are the ideal body type. Breasteses are not for fashion ladies, keep that in mind. Okay I’m done ranting on my dear friend Barbie and I am moving onto this “photo shoot” staring Barbie herself, and the shoe guru Christian Louboutin. I think this spread is genius and I totally get a kick out of Mr. Louboutin and his crazy antics in each photograph. If only Barbie could really accept such a beautiful piece of art to put on her foot.

I wonder if Ken came to support her, I heard Skipper and Kelly did.

~Such an ideal family.


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