Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Best & Worst of the Decade According to Moi

I decided with all the dedication to the first 10 years of the millennium I would create The Best & Worst of the Decade According to Moi. Disagree all you would like, but I am right on many accounts when it comes to fashion. Rather than each year, I decided to make some categories to express my outlook on the past decade.

Let’s Begin:

On a good note I would like to start with some impeccable CONSISTENT trend- setters that I tend to point to for inspiration.

Olsens- Top the List, No Doubt, No Explanation.

Vanessa Trainia- I’m a little envious of her wardrobe, but that’s what happens when mommy is Danielle Steele.

Kate Bosworth-I don’t know if she has a stylist, but I can show you about 20 pictures of outfits I love.

Tilda Swinton- Not my age bracket, but a definite sophisticate and muse.

Model Culture is a new trend we are seeing. From many obnoxious years of celeb after celeb enticing our universe, models and socialites are the new celebrity and honestly I couldn’t be happier.

I’m going to call this category Obnoxiousism.

Lindsey Lohan makes rosacea look good. Get off the drugs girl.

Sorry Lady Gaga but I don’t believe in pop couture. You are a success I will admit, but it makes me a little nauseas.

Lastly I want to credit those who I admire. It’s half incognito and half public fame.

Anna Wintour-Editor-in-Chief of Vogue. Bitchtastic, but a little advice: American Vogue is by no means top notch right now.

Derek Blasberg- The talented writer with an entourage of models and socialites.

Grace Coddington-The Creative Director who deserves more credit

Carine Roitfield-Editor–in Chief of French Vogue. I wouldn’t be surprised if Anna Wintour was a little jealous of her photo shoots.

Patrick Demarchelier-A picture is worth a thousand words and his always do.

I could go on and on. So many fabulous individuals and others who have sucked the big one.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Don’t worry; I’ll have more new opinions in 2010


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