Thursday, December 31, 2009

Color Block

I don’t remember the last time I could say I was relaxed. This last week should have been relaxing, but I stressed not having anything to do. I think my mind loves to mess with me and therefore I’m always thinking of the next thing on my agenda. Lately, I have found looking at new editorials very satisfying. It always is, but the change in seasonal clothes styled in a photo shoot is always exhilarating. I love how fashion is always ahead. There’s some sort of power in it. Exhibit A: the bright colors in this fashion spread in Vogue Nippon is “shocking” coming out of a New Yorker’s Black Winter Coffin.

Fashionistas find it easy to attack trends from the forefront, which is why I am coming out of hibernation and taking a pop of color to the next level for my transition into spring 2010. Did you ever think that maybe a certain color brings on your stress? I’m hoping my new neon wardrobe will bring some lightness into the cloudy city and a fabulous start to the New Year.

It’s a New Decade!

I remember when it was about to be the year 2000 and I was scared of the world BLOWING up.

I was 12 and it didn’t.



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