Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let Me Tell You How I Really Feel

I know, I've been M.I.A. for way to long, but I promise, I'm back on my game. It's been a crazy two weeks. I'll spare you the details and share some exciting happenings. As a Design student, my final garment was chosen to be in the Annual Mid-Season Preview at Parsons. The theme was sustainable fashion. (By the way, just because it's saving our planet, eco-consciouis clothing does not save the $$$economy$$$, keep that in mind). This was a 4 day exhibit showcasing graduating students work. I should have shared this sooner so more of you could've have gone to the exhibit, but I did take some photos for your enjoyment.

My Dress and I

I attended a reception for the exhibit. Every year they bring in a guest speaker. Last semester it was Betsey Johnson, a true inspiration to those wanting to make it in the business. This year they had a priest (imagine my face questionable and a little bit nauseated). Father Andrew O'Conner is all of sudden a designer of eco-friendly clothing made of organic cotton. His speech was not motivating and he was not at all friendly. I can honestly tell you no one was listening to him preach. The few words I did hear went through one ear and out the other. BORING. Betsey Johnson and now a priest. I don't care that Anna Wintour is a fan. Anna: this is not going to give you good press. What gets me the most is there are hardly any pictures of his designs. What I have seen is by no mean "in Vogue." Look at what students at Parsons are producing and then explain to me why this priest is gaining unnecessary fame.

Thanks for letting me vent.
Anyone one else got an opinion?
I'll stick to mine, but I'd love to hear yours.

I'm back with a Vengeance.


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uluruonyou said...

Hey There,
I hear your frustration and would love to help you relieve some of that while clearing up some misconceptions I think you might have. I have been working in and studying sustainable design and business models for 9+ years. I 've worked with Donna Karan, Zero Maria Cornejo, CFDA/Vogue fund nominee Alabama Chanin and run my own line ULURU for 6 years. I believe in social, environmental and financial sustainability. I do not believe in green marketing. I make my garments this way because this is how I want to run my business. In addition, the challenged and limitations of doing so has fueled my creativity. The bigger challenge is not that of sustainability as much as running a fashion label period. You have much potential and potentially much influence that the American Fashion Industry is in desperate need of.
I would love to know what inspired this "By the way, just because it's saving our planet, eco-consciouis clothing does not save the $$$economy$$$, keep that in mind"? Pleas tell.
I am sorry that Father Andrew disappointed you. He is a dear soul with good intentions but probably not the best choice of speakers for such an audience. Honestly, this is very new to him and he I just really excited to be employing people. That alone is honorable at this point.
If you are interested I would love share my resources and chat a bit more about your frustrations.
All the Best,
Caroline Priebe
PS I'm paying it forward.