Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Trippin' on Trash

Being that I am related to a favorite of the New York punk designers, I feel it is my duty to show a little family love and dedicate this post to an inspiration of mine, Daang Goodman. If you’ve lived in New York for years, you should know about the punk following on St. Mark’s st. and the hippest store on the block, Trash and Vaudeville. At age 6 I remember walking hand in hand with my cousin, scared shitless as I walked down the old dirty New York (some like to say the best of NYC), but when I stepped into the store, my eyes lit up. Clothes that confused me and fashion that made a statement. It was like magic because no one back at home would ever wear this, unless of course Hot Topic was his or her favorite store. Trash is truly a landmark and Tripp NYC by Daang Goodman (the spotlighted brand) is a religion to all punks of New York. We all have our own style, and mine is one of eclectic, and I learned that from Daang Goodman.

Keep it coming Daang because you’re leader, and those other designers are your followers.

I grip my mom’s wrist tight and turn to see Jimmy (one of the oldest employees), hugging my mom in her electric blue velvet coat by Tripp NYC; I look to see his ass crack is showing. True Rock N’Roll and a reoccurrence every time I’m in the store.
-Love me some Trash

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